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It's hard to budget your spending money when on vacation. Let us know how much you'd like to spend, and we'll draft a customised travel plan just for you with lots of add-ons you can choose from. 


Group Travel

We encourage small group travel and have dedicated tours & retreats for Women only, Working Executives & Students (9-21)

our consultants


Galavantor aims to provide unique, high-quality and affordable lifestyle, learning and activity-oriented experiences. We have a genuine concern for the environment and are dedicated to promoting new locales and harmonious interaction with diverse cultures.

Each of our consultants are explorers whose experiences provide valuable tips and views - on and off the beaten track. We are driven by the challenge of meeting each unique customer’s expectations and the opportunity to offer them an innovative and rewarding lifetime experience! Our combined knowledge and expertise bring a high level of understanding to our ever-changing needs.


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